Clean Beauty Products

I am a wife and a mom of 2 little girls. I have been a hairstylist working in the beauty industry for 11 years. I was a product representative for a clean hair care line for a hot minute, too. I went into Sephora and helped educate customers on the hair care line I was representing. In high school I also worked at Trade Secret- do you all remember that store!? It was a dream job for an aspiring hairstylist. So many hair products to be had. You could say my love for hair and body products started at an early age. But so did my awareness and curiosity of ingredients.

As a hairstylist I am constantly around chemicals, products, and hear stories from clients/co-workers about their health. Personally, I have experienced very inflamed hands after a work day, runny nose after using hairsprays, armpit rashes from conventional deodorants, headaches from fragrance, insanely itchy legs after shaving, and skin irritation from detergents. I know at least 5 young women that have had breast cancer, co-workers with skin conditions and so many more complications. There is a common link.. chemicals.

I started to do my own research on ingredients, companies that were doing things differently, reading about how our body works, what exposure to chemicals can lead to- it was a lot of work. I just wanted to buy products without doing a deep dive research into whether they were going to be safe for me, my family, and my clients. Because did you know there is little to NO regulation here in the U.S.

And then came Beautycounter. I learned about Beautycounter 7 years ago or so and it was a miracle. FINALLY a company that was asking all the questions, doing their own research, eliminating harmful ingredients, and most importantly DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT! They are actively advocating for clean beauty. They march to D.C, they speak to politicians, they are literally making new laws and demanding better regulations.

That is why I will always use and advocate with Beautycounter. We deserve better. Our kids deserve better. The world deserves better.


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