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'Tis the season for inspiration and perspiration. One of the reasons I love #Minnesota is the change of seasons and the unpredictability of our weather. We are currently enduring high 90's and summer hasn't officially started! YIKES my white legs are not ready to be shown off yet.

I always get bursts of inspiration when the seasons change. Hence, this new blog. It is one of my ideas that have been floating in my head for quite some time. If you don't know me that well, I will be the first to tell you that I am a fountain of new ideas, dreams, and notebooks full of "one day" to-do lists. Now, do they ever all get accomplished.. No! Do I change my mind a lot, YES! But, I'm cool with that. I like to just go with the flow and take the inspiration as it comes. So, don't leave me behind if this blog goes cold for awhile. Like I said, if the inspiration is there I'll be here! One more note: If baby is napping well you can expect more blog posts. This mama can get quite a lot done with a cup of coffee during nap times. Feel free to send me Starbuck gift cards if you want to see more posts. #coffeeaddict

Oh! And a quick apology to those who are grammar fanatics or the editing police. I am trying my best here. We all have things to work on, right?! :)

Come along for the ride and follow me to see where this blog heads. I am hoping to shed some helpful tips, tricks, useless information, lifestyle goodness, and who knows what else!

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