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How to Wear Your Summer Curls

If you haven't noticed on your Instagram, Pinterest or, in the gossip magazine you read, NATURAL TEXTURE is in! Yes, finally! People are rocking what they got. Most people have some kind of texture to their hair yet, very few utilize it. Here is a quick guide to rocking your texture this summer.

Curl Tips and Fun Facts:

- Curly hair is drier because it is harder for your natural oils to make it's way down your curly hair strand. Also, there tends to be fewer follicles, and therefore fewer glands to product oil (The Curly Girl Handbook)

-Frizzy hair is needs acidic products to help close down the cuticle to make it smoother

- Use sulfate-free shampoos (Sulfates- detergents that are known to be harsh on our hair and skin, stripping away oils and other good stuff)

- Moisture is key!

- DON'T brush your curls. EVER!

-Use a paper towel or t-shirt to scrunch your hair dry after the shower. This will help to keep the cuticle from being ruffled up, creating frizz

- Use a diffuser to dry your hair if you are in a rush

- Bobby pin or clip your curls on the top of your head to help maintain volume as your hair is drying

- Use a curl enhancing product (sea salt spray, gel, mousse, cream...)

-When your hair is wet, twist your hair into individual curls, by twirling it around your fingers

- Use a 1 inch curling iron or wand to touch up your curls/waves (great to do on 2nd day hair)

- Sleep in a semi-dried french braid for a fun new texture in the morning

- Do not overly scrunch your hair when you are drying it. Your hands will pull out tiny hair strands causing a frizzy "halo" hair effect.

- Tip your head upside down in the shower to scrunch in and scrunch out your shampoo and conditioner. The less pulling and straightening of your hair you do in the shower the better!

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