Sanitation and Covid FAQ

Frequently asked questions

Do you have capacity guidelines at the salon?

No, we are back at 100% capacity. Rest assured, we are still following our Covid Preperation Protocol keeping our distance and insuring a safe and sanitized space. During these times, I am no longer double booking my clients. That means you will be the only person occuping my chair during your appointment. At this time, masks are still required in the city of Saint Paul.

How do I check in for my appointment?

Please call the salon when you have arrived at the salon. 651-330-8404. You may wait in your car or wait outside until you are notified that I am ready for you. You will either get a text notifaction saying, "Your service provider is ready", or you will get a call if you are not set up for text messages. You may also come into the salon, out waiting area is limited at this time.

How are you cleaning and sanitizing?

First of all, our staff is frequently cleaning and sanitizing all high-touch surfaces. We have always upheld high sanitation protocols, as this has always been state rule for operating a salon. In my chair, you can be assured that everything has been throughouly cleaned prior to your visit. I use Equifect 256, an EPA hosptial grade fungicide and virucide cleaner. The shampoo beds are sprayed down after each use. All tools, implements, chairs, ipads, etc. have been sprayed and disinfected. As always, a new brush and comb is used on each client. I will always sanitze my hands prior to touching your hair. I have sanitizer available at my station for you to use as well. There are also sanitizers placed around the salon for your use. We also have a few windows that we crack open in order to get as much fresh air in as possible.

Do you accomodate high risk clients?

I understand that some of my clients are at high risk and would feel more comfortable coming into the salon when it is less busy. If you are someone that would prefer to come in at a quieter time, please email me and I will do my best to find a time of day that would work best.